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Special Ability: LakeClan cats can swim like otters.

Favorite Food: Fish

Leader Edit

Kestrelstar (Owned by: Racerbird)

Deputy Edit

Nightleap (Owned by: Thunderheart of Thunderclan)

Medicine Cat Edit

Volestripe (Up for adoption!)

Warriors Edit

Emberheart (Up for Adoption!)

Apprentices Edit

Riverpaw (Up for Adoption!)

Adderpaw (Up for Adoption!)

Queens Edit

Featherspirit (Up for Adoption!)

Kits Edit


Elders Edit


Request! Edit

Request to create/adopt a cat here!

Kestrelstar Edit



Age:36 moons

Looks:brown tabby with a white belly and blue eyes


Persona:nice, but can be strict


I own Nightleap now --Thunderheart of Thunderclan

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